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  • door systems, automatic door systems, window winder motors, fire rated doors, doors, door closing hydraulics, winter gardens, folding door systems, polycarbonate sheets, windows, window systems, sliding door systems, glass door accessories, shutter blinds systems, shutter systems, blinds systems, composite panels, aluminum panels, aluminum composite panels, automatic window systems, automatic doors, automatic windows, automatic shutters, automatic blinds, construction elements
    As ACP Yapi we manufacture and supply door systems, automatic door systems, window winder motors, fire rated doors, doors, door closing hydraulics, winter gardens, folding door
    Telephone: +90 312 348 68 68 Address: T. İleri Mah., Polat Sk. No: 2, Pursaklar, Ankara, Turkey
  • aluminium, aluminum, aluminium profiles, profiles, sliding profiles, drip cap profiles, threshold profiles, windowsill profiles, shower cabin profiles, grillage shelf profiles, sun shading profiles, clips ceramics facades, composite plates, polycarbonate plates, panel profiles, doorway profiles, furniture profiles, handrail profiles, glass handrail profiles, shutter profiles, sill profiles, insect screen profiles, roller blind profiles, truck profiles, bicycle profiles
    Asistal Aluminum having a widespread selling network in the Marmara and Aegean regions, serves since 1994. Our factory is in the Kırklareli organized industrial zone and
    Telephone: +90 282 652 50 96 Address: Kırklareli San. OSB., 2. Cad. No: 2, Kızılcıkdere, Kırklareli, Turkey
  • blinds, blinds systems, shutters, window shades, shutter systems, door accessories, window accessories, flynets, flynet systems, insect screens, screen doors, pvc lamellas, lamellas, pvc studs, studs, bearings, handles, window handles, door handles, modular shutter beds, aluminum accessories, aluminium accessories, pipes, pvc pipes, shutter accessories, blind, blinds system, shutter, window shade, shutter system
    DAGLAR LTD. STI. was established in the province of Izmir in 1985. Making a worlwide impression by offering quality products with its trading policy based on principles of
    Telephone: +90 232 877 12 22 Address: Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Mahallesi, Ulucak İzmir Cad., No:100, Kemalpaşa, İzmir, Turkey
  • fans, radial fans, duct fans, rectangle fans, cell fans, heat recovery devices, aluminum fans, plastic fans, roof fans, roundflow roof fans, axial fans, axial roof fans, centrifugal fans, snail fans, sheet body fans, cabinet fans, cooling fans, elevator cooling fans, aluminum blowers, blowers, media fans, axial fan motors, bathroom hoods, shutter extractors, wall type aspirators, fan, radial fan, duct fan, rectangle fan, cell fan
    We as Demsan Havalandirma; has given services in ventilation, air conditioning, heating industries since 1992. We make all of our productions in our structure. Galvanise, green
    Telephone: +90 212 549 34 97-98 Address: İ.O.S.B. Demirciler San. Sit., A2 Blok No: 23, İkitelli, Başakşehir, İstanbul, Turkey
  • shading systems, pergolas, vizors, glazings, roller shutters, shades, blinds, shutters, pergola systems, vizor systems, glazing systems, roller shutter systems, shade systems, blinds systems, shutter systems, terrace pergolas, garden pergolas, outdoor pergolas, cafe pergolas, restaurant pergolas, shading system, pergola, vizor, glazing, roller shutter, shade, shutter, pergola system, vizor system, glazing system
    Mimosa is one of the leading companies in Turkey and in the world with its knowledge and experience in shading systems sector. Since 2008, even in the most complex projects,
    Telephone: +90 212 438 23 38 Address: Ünniversite Mah., E5 Yan Yol Civarı Sokak, Allure Tower, Kat: 6, Daire No: 92, İstanbul, Turkey
  • building materials, wood building materials, profiles, panels, furniture doors, wooden panels, groove door profiles, skirting board profiles, surface profiles, skirting profiles, glazed door frames, table leg profiles, multi purpose profiles, shutter profiles, wood panels, wooden doors, wooden furniture panels, soundproof doors, fire resistant doors, kitchen furniture profiles, kitchen furniture panels, glazed door casing, multi purpose decks, sundeck, siding profiles, floor profiles
    AGT Furniture was established in 1984 to serve in the sector. Today, all kinds of furniture accessories sector needs to be heard (profile, boykapak, panel, paneling and parts of
    Telephone: +90 216 550 73 73 Address: Şerifali Mah., Çetin Cad., Kızkulesi Sok., Elita Plaza, Kat: 13, D: 42, Ümraniye, İstanbul, Turkey
  • glasses, float glasses, building glasses, construction glasses, double glazings, glazings, tempered glasses, curved tempered glasses, curved glasses, laminated glasses, curved laminated glasses, laminated curved glasses, tempered curved glasses, external wall cladding systems, cladding systems, wall cladding systems, balcony glazing systems, sliding doors, doors, shutter systems, barriers, industrial doors, air curtains, carpet display systems, glass, float glass, building glass, construction glass, double glazing, glazing
    Our company Akdeniz AS. established in 1978 ; is a leading manufacturer and exporter of different kinds of construction equipments, metal and aluminium products. Our factory/head
    Telephone: +90 332 444 10 80 Address: Büsan San. Kosgeb Cad. No: 29, Karatay, Konya, Turkey
  • doors, industrial doors, door systems, door control systems, facility doors, factory doors, pvc doors, pvc strip curtains, pvc curtains, loading systems, shutters, shutter systems, motorized shutter systems, fire doors, garage doors, sectional garage doors, roll-up doors, rolling shutters, saracen systems, garden doors, sliding garden doors, barriers, arm barriers, swing barriers, rising bollards, fixed bollards, door, industrial door, door system, door control system, facility door, factory door, pvc door, pvc strip curtain, pvc curtain, loading system, shutter, shutter system, motorized shutter system, fire door, garage door, sectional garage door, roll-up door, rolling shutter, saracen system, garden door, sliding garden door, barrier, arm barrier, swing barrier
    Sbr Engineering started its activities in 1998 in the field of AUTOMATIC DOOR SYSTEMS in the Turkish building sector. By adopting the principle of unconditional customer
    Telephone: +90 332 238 82 65 Address: Büsan Organize Sanayi, Fevzi Çakmak Mah., Kosgeb Cad., 10643. Sok., No: 22, Karatay, Konya, Turkey
  • wicks, pvc wicks, furniture wicks, window wicks, door wicks, wooden door wicks, wooden window wicks, aluminum door wicks, aluminum window wicks, steel door wicks, fireplace wicks, glass balcony wicks, glass balcony accessories, shutter wicks, pergolas wicks, awning wicks, doorframe wicks, door frame wicks, door casing wicks, doorcase wicks, flynet wicks, screen door wicks, aluminum handrail wicks, handrail wicks, guardrail wicks, wick, pvc wick, furniture wick, window wick, door wick, wooden door wick, wooden window wick, aluminum door wick, aluminum window wick, steel door wick, fireplace wick, glass balcony wick, glass balcony accessory, shutter wick, pergolas wick, awning wick, doorframe wick, door frame wick, door casing wick, doorcase wick, flynet wick, screen door wick, aluminum handrail wick, handrail wick, guardrail wick
    Tuna Plastic Ltd. Şti. Çekmeköy was established in 2010 in İstanbul. Furniture, wooden doors and windows, aluminum, Steel Door, Fireplace, Glass balconies, awnings and
    Telephone: +90 216 484 25 22 Address: Soğukpınar Mah., Adnan Kahveci Cd., Güvercin Sk., No: 24/1, Taşdelen, Çekmeköy, İstanbul, Turkey
  • automotive spare parts, truck spare part, truck spare parts, automotive spare part, vehicle spare part, vehicle spare parts, truck spare parts iveco, truck spare parts renault, piston, flywheel, gasket, steering, brake, hub, shutter, cabin, pto, ventilator, hose, exhaust, drum, wheel, nuts, washer, pumps, lining, gear, air filter, valve, coupling, wedge, flange deff, step, mirror, wiper, sunshades, crankshaft, injector, bearing, transmission, joint, fender, runners, IVECO
    Yeni Özkaptan Yedek Parça San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. as ; Closely following the developments in technology to meet the needs of our customers to present products, Services that
    Telephone: +90 332 249 58 58 Address: Horozluhan Mah., Uzman San. Sit., Selçuk Cad., No: 192, Selçuklu, Konya, Turkey
  • industrial products, fasteners, connectors, shear connectors, rods, threaded rods, anchor bolts, bolts, j bolts, v bolts, u bolts, square bolts, jacuzzi outlets, outlets, sofa bolts, basic anchor bolts, trapezoidal rods, trapezoidal threaded rods, pitons, off pitons, on pitons, shutter shafts, chemical anchor bolts, stud bolts, dowel pins, industrial product, fastener, connector, shear connector, rod, threaded rod, anchor bolt, bolt, j bolt, v bolt, u bolt, square bolt, jacuzzi outlet, outlet
    Vision Our vision is to be among the leading companies both in Turkey and in the World by means of its leading solutions and services, and unique solutions and to meet the
    Telephone: +90 332 345 17 27 Address: Büsan Özel Organize San., 3. Sok., No: 51, Konya, Turkey
  • ups, ups systems, online ups systems, uninterruptible power supply, dry batteries, voltage regulators, regulators, static voltage regulator, battery chargers, rolling shutter ups, viscometers, motorcycle batteries, fuel generators, inverters, rack cabinet, power source
    It has been established in year 2000 for the purpose of researching, developing, manufacturing, import, export, sale and rendering after sale technical services of primarily
    Telephone: +90 212 320 20 07 Address: Perpa Ticaret Merkezi A Blok Kat:5 No:146 Okmeydani, Istanbul, Turkey
  • door systems, automatic door systems, glass balconies, aluminum systems, facility doors, shutters, shutter systems, photocell doors, quick awnings, blinds, blinds systems, sliding doors, garden doors, 90 degrees doors, leaf doors, sectional doors, rolling shutters, rolling doors, polyurethane doors, extrusion doors, steel doors, folding pvc doors, pvc doors, rolling pvc doors, monoblock shutters, door system, automatic door system, glass balcony, aluminum system, facility door, glass washing machine, glass cutting tables, Manu
    We carried our 22 years Air Force Aircraft Technician experience in 2006 under the name of DEVREM. We provide sectional garage doors and industrial doors, garden, garage and
    Telephone: +90 222 340 10 99 Address: Batıkent Mah., Dilektaşı Sk., No: 8, Tepebaşı, Eskisehir, Turkey
  • industrial door, garage door, loading systems, gate automations, automatic door, fire door, high speed pvc door, rolling shutter
    GOKSU is the leading manufacturer of RESIDENTIAL AND INDUSTRIAL SECTIONAL DOORS under GOXU® brand name. Since 1997, GOKSU has been providing exceptional service to its customers
    Telephone: 0216 466 89 89 Address: Dudullu Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 3.Cadde No:14 Ümraniye İstanbul TÜRKİYE
  • pvc door, pvc glass, glass, window, door, shutter, thermopane, glass balcony, balcony, ado door, thermal glass, reflective, reflective glass, garage, garage door, pvc suppliers, glass balcony suppliers, ado door suppliers, home door, office door, door, door entry, door frame, door jamb, door leaf, aluminum door, bifold doors, commercial door, composite doors, composite front, contemporary doors, custom doors, entrance door, exterior doors, exterior glass, exterior wooden, external doors, fiberglass doors, fire doors, folding doors, glass door, glass entry, glass front, grp doors, hardwood doors, hollow door, home door, house door, inside doors, interior door, interior glass, interior wood, internal doors, metal door, modern doors, panel doors, patio doors, residential doors, sliding door, solid doors, steel commercial door, steel door, upvc front, window, windows and doors, wood doors, wood entry, wood front door, wood glass, wooden door, wooden front
    Gulcam Incorporation has been producing 250 units of Windows and 700 units of glaze over 4700m² area with two assembly lines, Robot PVC processing center, Robot PVC segment
    Telephone: +90 (352) 240 15 77  Address: Esentepe Keresteciler District 89 Soko No: 51 Argıncık / Kayseri TURKEY
  • automatic door systems, automatic door system, automatic doors, automatic door, automatic shutters, automatic shutter, industrial systems
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of automatic door systems, automatic door system, automatic doors, automatic door, automatic shutters, automatic shutter, industrial systems,
    Telephone: +90 242 312 28 97 Address: Yeşilbahçe mahallesi 1480 sokak no:25 Antalya, Turkey
  • automatic door systems, door systems, photocell doors, photocell door, sectional door, photocell door locks, automatic shutter systems, automatic shutter, glass balcony systems, door control systems, sliding doors
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of automatic door systems, door systems, photocell doors, photocell door, sectional door, photocell door locks, automatic shutter systems,
    Telephone: +90 216 314 99 11  Address: ESENŞEHİR MAH. ÇETİNKAYA SK.NO:44/A Y.DUDULLU, İSTANBUL, TURKEY
  • pvc profiles, window profiles, door profiles, pvc sheets, pvc sheet, pvc composite panels, pvc decorative doors, pvc decorative door, pvc door, pvc window, roller shutter, shutter, flynet system, flynet
    Denizpen Company proofed its quality in Turkey and in the world by combining its technical knowledge and... Polipen brand's quality has been certificated by ISO, TSE and GOST.
    Telephone: +90 212 723 86 24 Address: Eski Edirne Yolu Selanik Cad. No: 23 Kavaklı, Silivri, İstanbul, Turkey
  • pvc doors, pvc windows, plastic doors, plastic windows, shutter, monobloc shutters, monobloc shutter, aluminium cladding, aluminium glazing, double glazing, double glass, glass balcony systems
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of pvc doors, pvc windows, plastic doors, plastic windows, shutter, monobloc shutters, monobloc shutter, aluminium cladding, aluminium
    Telephone: +90 242 340 20 55 Address: Yenigöl Mahallesi Manolya Sokak No: 70 Altınova, Antalya, Turkey
  • gate automation, gate motor, gate opener, sliding gate operator, garage door opener, industrial door opener, high speed roller shutter, swing gate opener, steel rolling door opener, sliding gate motor, sliding gate opener, garage doors, automatic gate opener, automatic doors, auto doors, auto gate motor, sliding gates, garage door, sectional door
    Zhejiang Joytech Electronics Company is a professional manufacturer specializing in research and development, producing, sales, processing and service of gate automation in the
    Telephone: +8618757335958 Address: No.651,hengxing road,tongxiang,zhejiang,314500,China
  • Hydraulic Lift Systems, Automatic Door Systems, Auto Service Equipment, Hydraulic Lift Systems, Hydraulic Cylinder, Single-Stage Cylindrical, Cylindrical Teloskopik, Hydraulic Power Units, Single Speed Blocks, Infinitely Speed Adjustment, L Type Carcasses, Balanced Suspensions, Vehicle Lifts, Car Platforms, Stage Mechanical Systems, Rotary Stages, Orchestral Instruments, Manuel Decor Hangers, Passenger Lifts, Goods Lifts, Freight Platforms, Disabled Platforms, Villa Lifts, Elevator Structures, Hydraulic Cylinders, Hydraulic Power Units, Hydraulic Lift Systems, Sliding Gate Operators, Circular Opening Door Motors, Barriers, Blocks Barrier Systems, Spiral Shutter Systems, Sectional Garage Doors, Industrial Doors, Personal Parking Barrier, Bollards, Accessories, Mechanical Barriers, Auto Service Equipment, Two Post Service Lifts, Chain Service Lifts, Chainless Bimotor Service Lifts, Lift The Ramp Egsozc, Four Post Service Lifts, 3.5 Tons Service Lifts, 5 Tons Of Service Lifts, 8 Ton Service Lifts, Products, Manufacturing, Turkey
    Telephone: 90 242 221 12 43 Address: Akdeniz Sanayi Sitesi 5004 Sok. No:124 - 126 ANTALYA/TURKEY
  • Molded Profiles, Cornice Profiles, Box Profiles, Sill Profiles, Shutter Profiles, Decoration Lambiri Profiles, Decorative Lambiri Profile, Plastic Profile
    Telephone: 90 212 668 55 66 Address: uğur Mumcu Mh. 2347 Sk. No:6 (Enis İş Merkezi) 34265 Sultangazi - İstanbul/ turkey
  • shutter, shutters
    Telephone: 90 332 345 37 60 Address: Fevziçakmak Mah. 10664 Sok. No: 15 Karatay / Konya / Turkey
  • Aluminum Systems, Panorama Windows System, Aluminium Profile Systems, Aluminum Standart Profiles, Joinery Systems, Sliding System, Insect Screen Systems, Balcony Systems, Automatic Window Shade, Shutter Systems, Railing, Accessories Systems, Curtain Wall Systems, Building Prifiles, Industrial Systems, Automatic Door Systems, Solar Energy Profiles, Furniture Profiles, Decoration Profiles, Aluminum Accessories, Aluminium composite Panel, Hardware Group, Construction Chemicals, ITO Lock, Lock, Atlasvida, ABC Chemical, Catpower, Tools, Soudal, Construction Chemicals, Alloy Extrusion, Aluminium Door, Aluminium Extrusions, Aluminium Led, Aluminium Profile, Aluminium Sections, Aluminium Sliding, Aluminium System, Aluminium Windows, Aluminum Angle, Aluminum Bar, Aluminum Channel, Aluminum Door, Aluminum Enclosure, Aluminum Extrusion, Aluminum Frame, Aluminum Material, Aluminum Profile, Aluminum Rail, Aluminum Shapes, Aluminum Sliding, Aluminum Structure, Aluminum Windows, Channel Extrusion, Custom Extrusions, Extruded Aluminium, Extruded Aluminum, Extruded Enclosure, Extruded Frame, Extruded Profile, Extruded Sections, Extrusion, Extrusion Frame, Extrusion Profiles, Extrusion Stock, Frame Profile, Item Extrusion, Led Aluminium, Led Extrusion, Metal Extrusion, Modular Aluminium, Modular Aluminum, Profile Led, Profiles Alu, Sliding Door, Slot Frame, Slotted Aluminium, Slotted Aluminum, Standard Extrusions, Strip Aluminium, Strip Profile, Window Extrusion
    Telephone: 0 216 561 82 46 Address: Beykoz Cad. N:155 Hüseyinli Köyü Çekmeköy Ömerli / İSTANBUL
  • Bracket, Spiral Pipe, Shutter, Layer, Slip Sheet, Box, Stand Angle, Spiral Pipe Angle, Concrete Pipe Spiral Pattern, Concrete Pattern Layer, Layer Slipsheet, Slipsheet Box, Box Stands, Stand, Packaging
    Telephone: 90.232.854 83 83  Address: İnönü Mah.166 Nok. No:6 Ayrancılar (Pancar yolu 2. Km) 35870 Torbalı - İzmir
  • Elevator, Elevator Lift, Elevator Machine, Elevator Parts, Elevator Wheelchair, Elevators Scalators, Escalator, Commercial Elevators, Commercial Lifts, Disabled Lifts, Domestic Lifts, Exterior Elevator, Handicap Elevator, Handicap Lift, Handicap Stair, Home Elevators, Home Escalator, House Elevator, House Lift, Hydraulic Elevator, Inclined Lift, Lift Home, Outdoor Elevator, Outdoor Lifts, Passenger Lift, Steel Door, Steel Frame, Steel Doors, Door Steel, Steel Metal Doors, Metal Steel Doors, Steel Front Doors, Steel Front Door, Front Steel Door, Steel Door Frames, Steel Entry Doors, Steel Entry Door, Entry Steel Doors, Entry Doors Steel, Steel Exterior Doors, Exterior Steel Doors, Steel Doors Exterior, Exterior Doors Steel, Commercial Steel Doors, Steel Doors Commercial, Fire Door, Fire Frame, Frame Fire, Fire Glaze, Fireproof Doors, Fire Doors, Fire Shutter, Doors Fire, Firecheck Doors, Fire Rated Doors, Fire Door Ratings, Door Fire Rating, Fire Rated Door, Fire Retardant Doors, Wooden Fire Doors, Metal Fire Doors, Hardwood Fire Doors, Steel Fire Door, Fire Proof Door, Fire Door Hardware
    Telephone: 90 232 766 34 28 Address: Mareşal Fevzi Çakmak Bulvarı No:166 Zeytinalanı Urla/İZMİR TURKEY
  • gaskets, seals, sealants, sealing, door seals, clamp seals, automatic shutter seals
    Telephone: 90 262 751 28 81 Address: GEPOSB. İnönü Mahallesi 4.Cadde 41.Sokak No:8Gebze /KOCAELİ- turkey
  • shutters, shutter, automatic shutters, aluminium joinery profiles, aluminium joinery, photocelled doors, photocell door, automatic doors, automatic door, swatters, swatter, screen door
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of shutters, shutter, automatic shutters, aluminium joinery profiles, aluminium joinery, photocelled doors, photocell door, automatic doors,
    Telephone: +90 312 348 58 76 Address: reyhan sok.70/1 siteler, Ankara, Turkey
  • blinds, shutter
    Telephone: 90(232) 257 54 54 Address: Mehmet Akif Caddesi No: 61-63-65 Kısıkköy - İZMİR - turkey
  • blind, shutter
    Telephone: ( 90 224) 443 25 24 Address: Beşevler Küçük Sanayi Sitesi 78. Blok No: 49-50 Nilüfer / BURSA- turkey
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