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Glazing Companies

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  • shading systems, pergolas, vizors, glazings, roller shutters, shades, blinds, shutters, pergola systems, vizor systems, glazing systems, roller shutter systems, shade systems, blinds systems, shutter systems, terrace pergolas, garden pergolas, outdoor pergolas, cafe pergolas, restaurant pergolas, shading system, pergola, vizor, glazing, roller shutter, shade, shutter, pergola system, vizor system, glazing system
    Mimosa is one of the leading companies in Turkey and in the world with its knowledge and experience in shading systems sector. Since 2008, even in the most complex projects,
    Telephone: +90 212 438 23 38 Address: Ünniversite Mah., E5 Yan Yol Civarı Sokak, Allure Tower, Kat: 6, Daire No: 92, İstanbul, Turkey
  • insulated glazing, igu units, architectural glass, glass, double glazing, safety & security glass, safety glass, security glass, laminated glass, tempered glass, glass sheets, lacquered glass, bullet proof, Grooving, Sandblasting, Beveling, Enamel Printing, Low E Glass, Solar Low E Glass, Solar Panel Glass, patterned glass, painted glass, curtain walls, facade, Glass for Photovoltaics, Glass for Solar Thermal Collector, toughened glass, low iron glass, Tinted Float Glass, Clear Float Glass, Temperable Solar Low-E, Ultra-Clear, Heat Strengthened, Bulletproof
    Sar Cam is an architectural glass manufacturing company. Our company was founded in 1996 and started its business life as Sar Cam. The company has acquired its reputation by
    Telephone: +90 262 349 23 14 Address: Karadenizliler Mh., Barbaros Cd., No:6, Başiskele, Kocaeli, Turkey
  • glasses, float glasses, building glasses, construction glasses, double glazings, glazings, tempered glasses, curved tempered glasses, curved glasses, laminated glasses, curved laminated glasses, laminated curved glasses, tempered curved glasses, external wall cladding systems, cladding systems, wall cladding systems, balcony glazing systems, sliding doors, doors, shutter systems, barriers, industrial doors, air curtains, carpet display systems, glass, float glass, building glass, construction glass, double glazing, glazing
    Our company Akdeniz AS. established in 1978 ; is a leading manufacturer and exporter of different kinds of construction equipments, metal and aluminium products. Our factory/head
    Telephone: +90 332 444 10 80 Address: Büsan San. Kosgeb Cad. No: 29, Karatay, Konya, Turkey
  • glasses, building glasses, construction glasses, float glasses, heat control glasses, solar control glasses, sound control glasses, safety glasses, security glasses, laminated glasses, acoustic glasses, acoustic laminated glasses, noise control glasses, tinted float glasses, tinted glasses, reflective glasses, insulating glasses, low-e glasses, triple glazing glasses, tempered glasses, temperable glasses, temperable solar glasses, temperable low-e glasses, temperable solar low-e glasses, glass, building glass, construction glass, float glass, heat control glass, solar control glass
    Grupcam has established as a double glazing producer in 1993 with a yearly production capacity of 60.000 m2 insulating glass. Thanks to a series of technological improvements,
    Telephone: +90 312 385 49 40 Address: Anadolu San. Org. Böl., Dumlupınar Cad. No: 10, Malıköy, Sincan, Ankara, Turkey
  • construction materials, building materials, roofing materials, sandwich panels, corrugated panels, corrugated roofing panels, panels, polycarbonate panels, polycarbonate sheets, roofings, roofing materials, roofing products, polycarbonates, sheets, u-lock polycarbonate panels, roof polycarbonate panels, glazing polycarbonate panels, polycarbonate panels for roof, polycarbonate panels for glazing, polycarbonate panels for sandwich panels, corrugated polycarbonate panels, roof automations, roof windows, 5 wall polycarbonate panels, 9 wall polycarbonate panels, cladding polycarbonate panel, skylight, MULTIWALL POLYCARBONATE SHEET
    After gaining years of experience, Polinet has made investments for machinery and building in polycarbonate sector with its experience and vision. In our new factory located in
    Telephone: +90 262 728 15 13 Address: SS İstanbul Mermerciler San. Kooperatif 5. Cad. No: 20, Köseler Köyü, Dilovası, Kocaeli, Turkey
  • aluminum joinery profiles, pvc joinery profiles, balcony glazing profiles, handrail profiles, schonline pvc profiles, sigma profiles, sigma profile systems, flyscreens, flyscreen systems, flyscreen profiles, plastic panels, jambs, shutters, joinery profiles, furniture profiles, advertising profiles, aluminum sheets, composite panels, rail cabinet doors, sliding doors, panels, display stands, claddings, automatic door systems, shop fittings, shop display equipments, display equipments, insect sre
    TEKNIK DEKOR ALUMINIUM manufactures and exports, aluminum profiles, pvc profiles, balcony glazing profiles, handrail profiles, schonline pvc profiles, sigma profiles, sigma
    Telephone: +90 212 612 74 08 Address: Çevreyolu Caddesi, No: 49/51, Bayrampaşa, İstanbul, Turkey
  • plastic, construction items, construction materials, profiles, window profiles, door profiles, pvc window profiles, pvc door profiles, pvc profiles, pvc windows, windows, upvc windows, doors, pvc doors, upvc doors, window systems, door systems, pvc window systems, pvc door systems, frame profiles, sash profiles, mullion profiles, door sash profiles, open out door sash profiles, single glazing beads, double glazing beads, triple glazing, pvc, upvc, profile, window, door
    UNIPLAST PVC WINDOWS AND DOOR SYSTEMS is the subcompany of DUMANKAYA HOLDING,Our company was established in 2004 and has taken an important way to prove the quality of its wide
    Telephone: +90 262 444 98 64 Address: Balçık Mah., Organize Cad., No: 83, Gebze, İstanbul, Turkey
  • covered facade systems, aluminum window, silicone structural glazing systems, transparent facade systems
    Covered Facade Systems, Aluminum Window, Silicone Structural Glazing Systems, Transparent Facade
    Telephone: 0312 348 23 65 Address: Karpuzlu 1 Sok. 3/20 Sıteler /Ankara, Turkey
  • aluminum joinery profiles, pvc joinery profiles, balcony glazing profiles, sigma profiles, sigma profile systems, aluminum sheets
    ALTİM ALUMINUM LTD. It was established in 2003. Extrusion presses, Molds, Anodic Coating Facility and Electrostatic Powder Coating Unit make Aluminum Profiles and have started to
    Telephone: 0090-312-267 4326 Address: AHİ EVRAN MAH. ANADOLU CAD. NO:3 ORG. SAN. BÖLGESİ SİNCAN / ANKARA / TÜRKİYE
  • belt conveyors, compensers, dot mounting lines, glaze tanks incorporated with pump, glaze tanks with mixer, glazing lines, infrared dryers for decorating lines, kiln burners, mosaic turners with vacum, paper netting machies for mosaic, quick mixers, roller driving mechanismis for kilns, roller kilns, tile turners, transfer machines with pens system
    Dot Mounting Lines, Roller Kilns, Glazing Lines, Kiln Burners, Turkish Manufacturer Company, Companies Turkey, Manufacturers Turkey, Manufacturing Turkey, Producers Turkey,
    Telephone: 90 216 4739294 Address: Karlıktepe Mah. Fahrikorutürk Cad. Ayabakan Sok.On.20, Kartal, İstanbul, Turkey
  • construction equipments, construction materials, aluminium claddings systems, aluminium claddings, aluminium glazing, curtain walling system, precast cladding system, steel construction, electromechanical systems, steel roof, composite panels
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of construction equipments, construction materials, aluminium claddings systems, aluminium claddings, aluminium glazing, curtain walling
    Telephone: +90 212 217 26 00 Address: Büyükdere Caddesi, Beybi Giz Plaza Meydan Sk. No:1 Kat 15, Maslak, Şişli, Istanbul, Turkey
  • balcony glazing systems, glass balcony systems, folding balcony, folding balcony system, folding glazing systems, terrace
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of balcony glazing systems, glass balcony systems, folding balcony, folding balcony system, folding glazing systems, terrace... We will be
    Telephone: +90 262 332 43 65 Address: Ömerağa Mah. Dündar Çiğit Sok. No:14 İzmit, Kocaeli, Turkey
  • balcony glazing system, balcony glazing systems, balcony systems, folding glass systems, glass balcony system, glass balcony systems, glass display stands, glass seals, glass showcases, magnet glass seal, roller shutter, showcase systems, sliding balcony systems, transparent glass seals
    Having been established in Ankara, BKS Cam Balkon Sistemleri operates in balcony glazing systems. Specialized in this industry for years, company offers high quality products for
    Telephone: +90 312 395 04 95 Address: Oz Anadolu Sanayi Sitesi 1122. Cad., 1460 Sok., No: 9-11, Ostim, Yenimahalle, Ankara, Turkey
  • folding, folding glass, glass, glass balconies, balcony glazing systems
    folding, folding glass, glass, cambalkon, glass balconies, balcony glazing
    Telephone: 0312 395 0 495 Address: İvedik Organize Sanayi Öz Anadolu Sanayi Sitesi 682.Sok.No:9 Ostim/Ankara, Turkey
  • double glazing, float glass, laminated, mirror production, temper
    Telephone: +902422581955 Address: Organize Sanayii Bölgesi 2.Kısım 24.Cadde No:10 D.Altı , Turkey
  • glass balconies, balcony glazing, balcony off, glass balconies wheel, glass balcony accessory, glass balconies profile
    Cam balkon sistem profilleri, cam balkon aksesuarları, cam balkon fitilleri, cam balkon malzemeleri üretim  ve toptan-perakende satışı glass balconies, balcony
    Telephone: 90 312 348 10 56 Address: Akçakale-2 Sok. 99/A Siteler /Ankara, Turkey
  • double glazing, window washing, tiokol, butyl
    double glazing, window washing, tiokol,
    Telephone: 02126729953 Address: Doğu San Sit.11/6, Turkey
  • automotive parts, coil slitting systems, cover figure machine, cube fork-fiber boiler, fork-lift boiler, glazing plate-conveyor transport, roll-off container, washing machine
    Coil Slitting Systems, Automotive Parts, Washing Machine, Turkish Manufacturer Company, Companies Turkey, Manufacturers Turkey, Manufacturing Turkey, Producers Turkey, Turkish
    Telephone: +90 224 216 08 00 Address: Küçükbalıklı Mah. Şanlı Cad. No:64-66 16325 Osmangazi / Bursa Turkey
  • glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, double glazing, facade glass
    Telephone: 212 548 48 49 Address: selimpaşa Ortaköy merkez mah. Atalay sok. no:6/a Silivri/istanbul
  • balcony glazing, balustrade, winter garden
    Moving glass balustrade
    Telephone: 0090 252 611 02 10-18 Address: Sanayi Sitesi Sehit Fethi Bey Cad. No:11 Fethiye-MUGLA/TURKEY
  • window systems, door systems, door, window, doors, windows, pvc door, pvc window, pvc door systems, pvc window systems, double glazing, winter garden, blinds, building materials, pvc systems, shutter systems, shutters, pvc blinds, pvc shutter systems, window profiles, pvc window profiles, window profile systems, modular winter garden systems, modular winter garden, unleaded windows systems, unleaded window profile systems, unleaded door systems, double glazing window systems, double glazing
    Erkay Grup Ankara'da polimer kapı ve pencere sektöründe faaliyet göstermek üzere 2010 yılında kurulmuştur. PVC kapı, pencere ve tüm PVC sistemleri, ısıcam imalatı, kış bahçesi,
    Telephone: +90 312 815 25 70 Address: Modern Keresteciler San. Sit. 1.Cad No:32 Saray-Kazan - Ankara, Turkey
  • aluminum, facade, applications, facade applications, balcony, glazing, balcony glazing applications, architon, silicon, compact, laminante, automatic, entrance, eaves, glass, folding balcony glass systems, sunblind systems, skylight
    Our company is supplier and exporter of aluminum, facade, applications, facade applications, balcony, glazing, applications, balcony glazing applications, architon, silicon,
    Telephone: +90 5319352413 Address: yeşiloba mh 46012 sk no:10 edip özaltın depoları seyhan ADANA/TURKEY
  • construction materials, building materials, pvc window and door, aluminium window and door, aluminum window and door, pvc joinery, balcony glazing, aluminium joinery, aluminum joinery, steel construction, siding, laminated parquet, wrought iron, steel door, pvc window, pvc blinds, pvc door, pvc shutter, pvc door hands, aluminium door, aluminium window, aluminum door, aluminum window, aluminium guardrail, aluminium composite, winca, albert genau, 4 4 transfering system, stainless steel roller set
    Starting in 1988 as Gul Atilim Insaat Dograma San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. we manufacture white and colorful PVC joinery, blinds, shutters from unleaded WINSA profiles which proved itself
    Telephone: +90 246 224 13 86 Address: Gülpetek San. Sit. Migros Yanı 3301 Sokak No:6 - Isparta, Turkey
  • double glazing, pimapen, pimapen color covering camoda systems, pimapen fly screen, pimawood, pvc, sds plisse curtain, sds plisse fly screen, sur security door
    As Hatüpen Windows and Doors Systems, we value constantly changing and evolving technology and use Robot Technology for Pimapen production at our
    Telephone: (+90) 312 385 8850 Address: 1354. Cadde 1421. Sokak No:2 Ostim / Ankara TURKEY
  • blended rubber profiles, coextruded profiles, door, door ruuber, flocked rubber profiles, foam rubber profiles, glass run channel profiles, glazing profiles, leakproof units, notch, pipe clamp profiles, pouring, pvc extrusion, rear lid profiles, rear profile, rubber, rubber extrusion, rubber leakproof units, rubber products, rubber profile, rubber profiles, sealings, foam rubber profiles with inner metals, solid rubber profiles, sponge profiles, window sealing profiles
    **Hebei Shida Seal Group Co., Ltd.** is an ISO/TS 16949 certified manufacturer of automotive sealing systems for vehicle, rubber weather-strips, rubber extrusions, extruded rubber
    Telephone: 0086+319+8032626 Address: No. 8, Xihuan Road, Wangguanzhuang, Qinghe,Hebei,China
  • pvc door systems, pvc window systems, pvc windows, pvc doors, wooden doors, thermopane systems, double glazing systems, curtain wall system, glazing systems, shutter systems, swatters, swatter systems, steel doors, folding glass balcony
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of pvc door systems, pvc window systems, pvc windows, pvc doors, wooden doors, thermopane systems, double glazing systems, curtain wall
    Telephone: +90 266 221 21 56 Address: Gazi Osman Paşa Mah. Yeni İzmir Yolu Cad. No:282/A Balıkesir, Turkey
  • bakery oven gaskets, cables, curtain wall seals, glazing seals, industrial oven gaskets, neon lamps, oring gaskets, oven door gaskets, pvc cables, signal lamps, silicone cable, silicone cables, silicone profiles, silicone tubes, wire harness, wire harnesses
    HSC KABLO & PROFILE is a manufacturer company producing SILICONE MATERIALS that have healthy work ambient in order to save and improve the environment and environment
    Telephone: +90 212 477 77 44 Address: Istiklal Mah., Maresal Fevzi Cakmak Cad., 376 Sok., No: 3/4, Kirac, Esenyurt, Istanbul, Turkey
  • aluminum windows and doors machine, double glazing machine, hollow glass machine, insulating glass production line, pvc windows and doors machine
    Jinan Sunny Machinery Co., Ltd is the professional manufacture of insulating glass machine, PVC windows and doors machine, and aluminum windows and doors machine. Now equipment
    Telephone: +8613583172732 Address: Yaoshan Industrial Park, Jinan City, China.
  • aluminum, aluminum profiles, glass, window, balcony glazing system, glass curtain system, glass balcony systems, aluminum facades, pvc, balustrades, juliette balcony, winter garden, shopfront systems, glass sliding systems, glass railing system
    Our company, KANAAT ALUMINUM BALCONY GLAZING SYSTEMS LLC., located in Ankara, Turkey, have been distinctively operating its business in aftermarket not only in Turkey but also
    Telephone: +90 312 351 62 97 Address: Camlitepe Caddesi, No: 109/A, Siteler, Ankara, 06160, Turkey
  • pvc profile, pvc window profile, pvc window, pvc window system, window, window system, window profile, moldings profile, mullion profile, nailing border profile, drain covering strip, panel profile, single glazing bead, double glazing bead, triple glazing bead, t covering profile, door sash profile, door profile, sash profile, droper sash profile, coupling profile, frame profile, super frame profile, sash reinforcement metal sheet, door reinforcement metal sheet, frome reinforcement metal sheet
    KARPEN PVC is established to meet requirements of its business area perfectly and continuing to produce in Gaziantep as one of the leading companies. KARPEN has made lots of
    Telephone: +90 342 357 02 70 Address: 4.Organize Sanayii Bölgesi 83404 Nolu Cadde No:8 Dülük Köyü Yolu Üzeri Başpınar - Gaziantep, Turkey
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